Handley Page H.P.22 / H.P.23
Handley Page - H.P.22 / H.P.23 - 1923 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1923

The Sayers-Handley Page monoplane, No. 23: This machine is generally similar to the S.C.W. glider built for Itford last year, but is fitted with a 500 c.c. Douglas engine.
The Sayers-Handley Page monoplane, No. 25: This photograph, taken at the Handley Page works some days ago, shows the machine without engine. An A.B.C. will be fitted. In the background may be seen the third monoplane, No. 26.
THE SAYERS-HANDLEY PAGE MONOPLANE PASSES HER TRANSPORT TESTS AT LYMPNE: Inset, the machine in flight. Note the small opening in the roof through which the pilot is supposed to look. The addition of a periscope to the equipment of this machine seems to be called for.
The Sayers-Handley Page monoplane, No. 26: This machine is fitted with a Blackburne engine. The very small monoplane wing is provided with front slot, slotted ailerons, and variable camber gear. The wing loading is about 8 lbs./sq. ft.
LIGHT 'PLANES AT LYMPNE: Some interesting constructional features: 6, The pilot's cockpit in the Sayers-Handley Page monoplane (No. 25) is totally enclosed, the pilot looking through two small openings in the roof. Late arrival at Lympne and a refractory engine prevented this machine from being thoroughly tested.
LIGHT 'PLANES AT LYMPNE: A few interesting constructional features. 1, The wing attachment on'the Sayers-Handley Page monoplane. The trap door is locked by the ingenious arrangement shown.
Sayers-Handley Page Light 'Plane 398 c.c. A.B.C. Engine