Laird Limousine
Страна: США
Год: 1921

Flight, December 1923

Flight, December 1923

The Lincoln-Standard L.S.5 and the Laird Limousine

   In the second machine under review, built by the E. M. Laird Company, of Wichita, Kansas, is a handsome limousine, or enclosed cabin type tractor biplane, also designed for commercial purposes. The cabin is luxuriously upholstered in grey plush and seats five passengers comfortably, two in the fore part of the cabin and three at the rear. All the seats face forward: the two front ones are separate, there being sufficient space between each seat to allow easy access to them. Opposite each seat is a window giving good, all-round vision.
   Aft of the cabin is a compartment of sufficient size to carry 30 lbs. of luggage for each passenger. Access to the cabin is by a door on the port side, and the step of the door is low enough to enable the passengers to get in or out without the aid of a platform. The pilot's cockpit is located immediately in front of the cabin, and communication between pilot and passengers may be carried on through a door provided for this purpose. The pilot's cockpit is large enough to seat two people side by side, and dual Dep. control is fitted.
   The wings are of conventional design, the spars being built up of laminated spruce, box type, and the ribs of reinforced plywood, truss type. They are of the two-bay type, with a single pair of interplane struts each side. Ailerons are fitted to both upper and lower planes. The tail surfaces are of ample proportions.
   The fuselage is of the usual rectangular section girder construction, the cabin portion being covered with three-ply veneer. A 300 h.p. Packard 12-cylinder engine is fitted, being mounted in a specially designed steel tube mounting. Both the mounting and the engine may be removed from the fuselage in one unit by unscrewing four bolts - or the engine may be removed from the mounting in the usual way.
   The overall span of the Laird limousine is 38 ft., the length 28 ft. 6 ins., and the height 10 ft. It carries a useful load of 1,800 lbs., and has a speed range of 45-95 m.p.h. The cruising radius is 300 miles.
THE LAIRD LIMOUSINE: Three-quarter rear view of the complete machine. It has a totally enclosed cabin seating five passengers, and is fitted with a 300 h.p. 12-cylinder Packard engine.