Zentral Aviatik & Automobil Ehrlich V
Страна: Австрия
Год: 1924

Flight, May 1924

Flight, May 1924

A New Austrian Passenger Aeroplane

  FROM the Zentral Aviatik & Automobil Ges. M.B.H. of Vienna, we have received the following particulars and drawings relating to a new machine just produced by that firm. The "Z.A.A.G." is, as far as we are aware, a new Austrian firm, as we do not recollect having heard of it before, nor are we acquainted with any machines hitherto built by it.
  The present machine, which is known as the type Ehrlich V, is intended for taxi work or the operation of routes on which there is not a great deal of traffic. In addition to the pilot, the Ehrlich V carries two passengers, accommodated in a small cabin behind the pilot's cockpit. The machine was designed by Herr Karl Ehrlich, who, in addition to being chief engineer, is also chief pilot of the Z.A.A.G.
  No particulars are available relating to constructional details, so that it is not known whether the machine is of wood or metal construction. It appears likely, however, that it is of ordinary mixed construction, with ply-wood fuselage.
  The engine is a six-cylinder vertical "Hiero," rated at 180/200 b.h.p., mounted in the nose of the fuselage. The radiator is placed above the engine, against the leading edge of the top plane, thus making possible a rounded nose to the fuselage, which in front view has a curious resemblance to a face.
  The wings are apparently of thin section, and there is but one strut on each side, this being in the form of an I-strut of considerable depth. There is neither dihedral nor sweepback, but the stagger is fairly pronounced. Nevertheless, it would seem likely that the machine would be tail-heavy, with all three occupants placed aft of the wings, with only the engine and, possibly, the petrol tanks in front to bring the e.g. forward.
  For its power the Ehrlich V is not particularly fast, the figure given by the makers being 160 km. (100 miles) per hour, which does not compare very favourably with, for instance, the de Havilland 50, which carries five with a Siddeley "Puma" of 230 h.p. at a considerably higher speed.
  Following are the main characteristics of the Ehrlich V: Length, o.a., 6-7 m. (22 ft.); span, 10 m. (32 ft. 10 ins height, 3-1 m. (10 ft. 2 ins.); wing area, 31 sq. m. (334 sq. it.); weight empty, 850 kg. (1,870 lbs.); useful load, 400 kg. (880 lbs.); total loaded weight, 1,250 kg. (2,750 lbs).; wing loading. 40-3 kg./sq. m. (8-25 lbs./sq. ft.); power loading, 6 kg. (13-2 lbs./h.p.); duration, 2 hrs. 30 mins.; speed, 160 km. (100 m.p.h.).
Ehrlich V 180/200 hp Hiero Engine