Bristol Boarhound
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1925

The Bristol "Boarhound" (Bristol "Jupiter") It is always of interest to trace the individuality of aircraft designers, and in the four Army cooperation machines taking part in the "Fly Past" there is an opportunity to do so. In the Bristol "Boarhound" Captain F. S. Barnwell, chief designer of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, shows his interpretation of the specification for a machine in which the requirements of work in conjunction with the Army shall be met. The high "deck" of the machine is obviously dictated by a desire to get a good view for both pilot and gunner, and air resistance has been reduced by placing the pilot's guns in tunnels on the side of the fuselage.
The Boarhound with Jupiter engine. It will be observed that the “Brisfit” placing of pilot and gunner close together was retained.
Boarhound II, possibly of the 1/o Escuadrilla.
View of 1/o Escuadrilla, under the command of Major Gustavo G Leon, showing a Boarhound, two Bristols and a Avro Anahuac (504).
An unidentified Mexican pilot in front of a Boarhound II. Note the upside down Mexican AF insignia painted on the bottom wings.
Personal mount of then Tte Col (Lt Col) PA Pablo L Sidar commander of the 1st Air Regiment. It carries his name underneath the gunner’s position.
Boarhound of Capt Rivera confirmed showing its reconnaissance role, with a crew of three.