Caudron C.101 / C.103 / C.104 / C.107
Страна: Франция
Год: 1925

Flight, December 1926
The Paris Aero Show 1926

Flight, December 1926

The Paris Aero Show 1926


   THE Societe des Avions Caudron exhibits at the Salon de l’Aeronautique a Caudron C.104 G.R. Two-Seater Distant-Reconnaissance Fighter fitted with the 420 h.p. Gnome-Rhone Jupiter engine.
   The Caudron C.104 G.R. is a strut and wire braced sesquiplane of the type of timber construction characteristic and sufficiently well-known to readers of FLIGHT to dispense with more than a bare mention. The wings, the fuselage and the tail surfaces are fabric-covered.
   The machine is equipped in accordance with the requirements of the French Military Air Service for this type of aircraft, namely, two fixed, synchronised guns, two flexible guss on a ring mount, a trap-door gun firing under the tail, an internal rack for twelve 10-kg. bombs, W/T, electrical heating and lighting installation, signal flares, oxygen inhalators and parachutes. Each machine gun is supplied with 500 rounds of ammunition.
   Specification.- Engine, 420 h.p. Gnome-Rhone Jupiter; Span, 14-56 m.; length, 9-50 m.; height, 3-27 m.; wing area, 44 sq. m.; weight equipped, 1,377 kg. (equipment, 227 kg.; armament, 116-5 kg.); weight of fuel, 270 kg.; weight of crew, 160 kg.; disposable load (ammunition, camera or W/T), 158 kg.; weight loaded, 1,965 kg.; max. speed, 209 km.p.h. at 1,000 m.; 207-5 km.p.h. at 2,000 m.; 204-5 km.p.h. at 3,000 m.; 198 km.p.h. at 4,000 m.; 186 km.p.h. at 5,000 m.; 158 km.p.h. at 6,000 m.; climb; 1,000 m. in 3 mins. 18 secs.; 2,000 m. in 7 mins. 27 secs.; 3,000 m. in 12 mins. 44 secs.; 4,000 m. in 19 mins. 44 secs.; 5,000 m. in 28 mins. 50 secs.; 6,000 m. in 59 mins. 39 secs.; service ceiling, 6,375 m.
   The following alternate engine equipment may be fitted to the Caudron G.R. machines: type C.101 - 450 h.p. Hispano-Suiza; type C.103 - 450 h.p. Lorraine-Dietrich; type C.107 - 500 h.p. Salmson.

   IN our preliminary show report of December 2 it was stated that the famous French pioneer aircraft firm of Caudron would exhibit but one machine, the C.104. This machine is actually shown, and is a two-seater long-distance, reconnaissance machine of typical Caudron lines and simple mixed wood and metal construction of the type which Caudron has produced since the comparatively early days of flying. The machine, data relating to which have already been published, does not call for any comment. In addition to the more powerful machine, Caudron exhibited two school machines and the little parasol monoplane, type C.109, which did so well at Vauville last year, piloted by Van Laere, and also at Brussels. All these machines, however, are already well known to our readers, and it will suffice if we record here their presence at the show.
The Caudron C.104 G.R. long-distance reconnaissance two-seater with "Jupiter" engine.
The Caudron Stand: The large machine is the C.104, two-seater fighter, while the smaller types include training machines and a light monoplane two-seater, the C.109.