Dyle et Bacalan DB-10
Страна: Франция
Год: 1926

Единственный экземпляр
Flight, December 1926
The Paris Aero Show 1926

Flight, December 1926

The Paris Aero Show 1926


   THE Societe Anonyme de Travaux Dyle et Bacalan, a newcomer in the field of French aircraft construction, will show at the Salon de l’Aviation the central portion of the latest Dyle and Bacalan Night Bomber, type D.B. 10, which is fitted with two 420 h.p. Gnome-Rhone Jupiter engines.
   The D.B. 10 is a strut-braced, twin-tractor monoplane with a central fuselage of unusual lines. The forward portion of the fuselage carries on either side an excrescence shaped like an aerofoil, which contains the power plant, the fuel tanks, vertical bomb racks and, as a rule, all items of parasitic resistance which it is deemed desirable to hide from the air stream. As these excrescences have as great a maximum depth as the fuselage, the machine possesses an unusually big cubic capacity.
   The D.B. 10 is of composite metal construction, that is, steel tubing is used for the wing spars and the wing struts, duralumin tubing for the longerons and cross members, and built-up duralumin strips for the wing ribs. The wings and the tail unit are fabric covered, and so is the fuselage, except around the engines where sheet aluminium is used.
   The engine mounting is interchangeable with one taking the 450 h.p. Lorraine-Dietrich, or any other stationary engine of similar horse-power.
   Specification of the Dyle et Bacalan D.B. 10.- Engines, two 420 h.p. Gnome-Rhone Jupiter; span, 25 m.; length, 13-60 m.; total, wing area, 93 sq. m.; weight, empty, 3,150 kg.; weight, loaded, 5,600 kg.; max. speed, sea level, 195 km.p.h.; ceiling, 6,000 m.

   OF the D.B.10 only the nose and centre portion was exhibited. The machine is of all-metal construction, of a type which looks somewhat heavy In order to illustrate the fitting of different engines, the portion of a machine exhibited had a water-cooled engine on one side and a radial "Jupiter" on the other, an arrangement that may possibly have puzzled the less sophisticated visitors to the show.
The Dyle and Bacalan D.B.10 night-bomber with two "Jupiter" engines.