Parsons-Jocelyn PJ-260 / D-295
D'Apuzzo D-260 Aero Sport
Страна: США
Год: 1962

Single-seat acrobatic biplane
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

D'Apuzzo D-260/D-295 Senior Aero Sport (USA)
   Two-seat sporting biplane powered by a Continental, Lycoming or Ranger engine of between 168-224 kW (225-300 hp). Designed for amateur construction.
PJ-260 aerobatic biplane built by Edward H. Mahler of Ozone Park, New York
Parsons-Jocelyn PJ-260M (260 hp Lycoming GO-435-C2 engine)
D’Apuzzo D-260(2) Senior Aero Sport built by Mr Tom Luckey of Ambler, Pennsylvania
D’Apuzzo D-260(2) Senior Aero Sport built by Mr Charles Selge of Tallmadge, Ohio
D’Apuzzo D-260(3) Senior Aero Sport built by Mr S. Anderson and Mr E. Siematkowski
D'Apuzzo D-260(2) Senior Aero Sport built by Mr H. Calloway of Atlanta, Georgia
D'Apuzzo D-260 (2) Senior Aero Sport.
Parsons-Jocelyn D-295, showing clearly the lower wing and interplane struts in their latest form
Parsons-Jocelyn D-295 in its latest form with modified lower wings
Ed Mahler makes his own kind of music in a PJ.295 Special.
Partially completed structure of D'Apuzzo D-200 on display
Artist’s impression of D’Apuzzo Junior Aero Sport