Bleriot Bleriot-XIV / Bleriot-XXI
Страна: Франция
Год: 1910

The two-seater Bleriot monoplane "Big Bat," fitted with a 50-h.p. Gnome, which was flown at Brooklands by Graham Gilmour in 1910.
BOURNEMOUTH-1910: Some of the "Slight 'Planes." (1) Morane starting a passenger flight on the Bleriot monoplane.
This picture appeared in an Austrian (Czech language) magazine in mid-1913 with the caption "Fighting Turks and waiting Rumanians" which suggests that it was taken before July 1913. It shows the two-seat Bleriot XXI, known as the "fish-tail", which appeared in this war on both sides. Note the roundels and French officer behind the Rumanian.