Bellanca 19-25 Skyrocket II
Страна: США
Год: 1975

Единственный экземпляр
Six-seat light cabin monoplane
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Bellanca Model 19-25 Skyrocket II (USA)
  The original Bellanca Aircraft Corporation merged with companies not engaged in aircraft manufacture and lost its identity in 1959. The present company (Bellanca Aircraft Engineering Inc), formed by Mr August Bellanca and his father, the late G. M. Bellanca, bought all the original Bellanca Aircraft designs with the exception of the 14-19. In 1971 the company was reorganised and construction of the prototype Skyrocket II was started. The first flight was made in March 1975. Orders for about 70 aircraft have been received.
  The Skyrocket II is a six-seat light cabin mono­plane powered by a 324 kW (435 hp) Continental GTSIO-520-F engine.
  Data: Engine as above Wing span 10.07 m (35 ft 0 in) Length 8.81 m (28 ft 11 in) Max T-O weight 1,860 kg (4,100 lb) Max cruising speed 532 km/h (331 mph) Range 2,357 km (1,465 miles)
Prototype of the Bellanca Model 19-25 Skyrocket II six-seat light aircraft (435 hp Continental GTSIO-520-F engine)
Bellanca Model 19-25 Skyrocket six-seat light aircraft