Gulfstream Peregrine II
Gulfstream - Peregrine II - 1983 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1983

Единственный экземпляр
Stages in development of the Peregrine biz-jet included the Commander Fanjet 1500, which in production form is known as the Peregrine.
Позади прототипа бизнес-джета Peregrine II можно видеть прототип двухместного учебно-тренировочного самолета Gulfstream Aerospace Peregrine.
The Gulfstream 1500 Commander Fanjet has been flying in prototype form since January 1983, a production decision depending on the results of a market survey for single-jet IFR operation.
An impression of the Peregrine flight deck, which utilises state-of-the-art CRT displays and digital, linear display microprocessor-controlled engine instrumentation.
The Peregrine interior, looking aft.
The planned production configuration of the Gulfstream Peregrine is shown in this three-view drawing.