Orta Saint-Hubert G.1
Страна: Бельгия
Год: 1928

GETTING THEM DOWN AT WAALHAVEN: Various styles of landing over the tape are shown. 3. Kous on St. Hubert-Walter.
"International Visitors": Comte Arnold de Looz Corswarem and Mons. Maus, his pilot, with their St. Hubert monoplane (85-h.p. Walter) just before their return to Brussels.
This St. Hubert of M. Pierre Osterrieth was one of the best finished foreign machines to come over.
THE BELGIAN REPRESENTATIVE: M. Maus with his St. Hubert Monoplane. The engine of this machine is a 110-h.p. Walter (Czech).
MONOPLANE WITH WALTER ENGINE: The St. Hubert Monoplane, a Belgian Machine, but entered with the French competitors.