Caudron C.190
Страна: Франция
Год: 1929

A new low wing Monoplane in this country is the Caudron ("Renault," 95 h.p.), which is the property of H. Swann, of the L.C.C., who is believed to be the first member of that august body owning his own aircraft.
In a splendid pair of plus-fours and argyle socks, well-known French aviator Ludovic Arrachart (left) and his passenger, M Schmoll, pose beside Caudron 193 F-AJSH (c/n 6478.4) shortly after their arrival at the chateau’s airfield. The aircraft was fresh from participating in the Challenge Internationale de Tourisme earlier that month.
AN ANGLO-FRENCH ENTENTE AT BERLIN: In the foreground. Lady Bailey's Gipsy-"Moth," and in front of that M. Finat's Caudron monoplane. The latter is fitted with Renault engine.
The Caudron three-engined commercial monoplane is fitted with three Lorraine radial air-cooled engines. Under its wings may be seen the Caudron low-wing monoplane, type C.195.
The latest Caudron type 193 low-wing monoplane (85 h.p. Renault).
VARIOUS STYLES OF WING FOLDING: These photographs from the International Touring Competition indicate how aircraft designers of various nationalities provide for reducing space required for garaging machines. 6, illustrates the Caudron way, tying the wings on with rope.
PETROL TEST AT THE ORLY MEETING: (2) The French Caudron 193 low-wing monoplane and the Avia Antelope (Walter)
M. Finat (Caudron-Renault) in the take-off test