Lockheed CL-400
Страна: США
Год: 1958

Although a full-size airframe was never completed by Lockheed, the CL-400-10, codenamed Suntan, was clearly based on Clarence “Kelly" Johnson’s F-104 Starfighter design for the same company. The hydrogen-powered Mach 2-5-capable CL-400-10 was more than three times the length of its stablemate, however, and was to be fitted with specially-designed Pratt & Whitney Model 304 engines.
What might have been - this impression by IAN BOTT and NEIL FRASER imagines USAF and Lockheed groundcrew taking advantage of the cool pre-dawn desert air to prepare the huge but sleek CL-400-10 for another test flight from Area 51 in the early 1960s. The aircraft was nearly 165ft (50m) long with a wingspan of 83ft 9in (25 5m).
Проект сверхзвукового самолета CL-400
The Lockheed CL-400, which reached an advanced stage of prototype construction, was to have been powered by Pratt & Whitney liquid hydrogen engines and promised to have a remarkable performance
The CL-400’s P&W Model 304 engine
The typical mission profile.