Bloudek XV Lojze
Страна: Югославия
Год: 1930

Единственный экземпляр
Flight, April 1931

Flight, April 1931

A Jugo-Slav Low-Wing Monoplane

   ALTHOUGH Jugo-Slavia can hardly be said to rank amongst the foremost of aircraft-constructing countries, it will be apparent from the accompanying illustrations that this country is capable of producing a business-like looking aircraft in the Bloudek XV. Hitherto aircraft in Jugo-Slavia have been principally of French construction, and it is only recently that aircraft have been designed and constructed in Jugo-Slavia - the Bloudek being one of these.
   This machine was designed by Stanko Bloudek, and was built by members of the Ljubljana section of the Jugoslav Aero Club. It is a braced low-wing two-seater monoplane, intended for training or sport purposes.
   The wings, in two sections, attached direct to the fuselage, are of wood construction, with "single" bracing by streamlined wires (doubled) to the fuselage (top) and undercarriage (bottom). The forward portion of the wing is covered with plywood, the rest with fabric. Removal of the wings, for transport or housing, is easily and quickly effected. Wood construction is also employed for the control surfaces.
   The fuselage, of rectangular cross-section with streamline top, is of wood construction also, the cockpits being arranged in tandem with the pilot's at the rear.
   A "V" type undercarriage is employed, with steel tube struts and cross axle, the shock-absorbers being housed within the wheels.
   The Bloudek XV is fitted with a "Cirrus II" engine, completely enclosed in a very neat aluminium cowling, cooling being effected by means of an air scoop in front, on the exhaust side of the engine. Fuel is carried in two tanks, one in the fuselage and the other in the right wing.
   The main characteristics of the Bloudek XV are :- Span 9-4 m. (30 ft. 9 in.). Overall length, 6-8 m. (22 ft. 4 in.); wing area, 13-2 sq. m. (142 sq. ft.); weight empty, 370 kg. (814 lb.); useful load, 240 kg. (529-2 lb.); weight fully laden. 610 kg. (1,345 lb.); wing loading, 46-2 kg./sq. m. (9-4 1b./sq.ft.); power loading, 7-6kg./h.p. (16-75 lb./h.p.); speed range, 75-195 k.p.h. (46-6-121 m.p.h.); climb to 1,000 m. (3,280 ft.), 3 min. 15 sec.; ceiling, 5,550 m., (18,040 ft.); normal range, 700-900 km. (435-560 miles); take-off in 50 m. (164 ft.); land in 80 m. (262 ft.).
JUGO-SLAV LIGHT 'PLANE: The Bloudek XV low-wing monoplane, which is fitted with a "Cirrus II" engine.
Front view of the Bloudek monoplane. Note the air scoop in the engine cowling,