Nieuport-Delage Ni-D-590
Страна: Франция
Год: 1932

Flight, November 1932

Flight, November 1932


The French Exhibits

   Nieuport-Astra (S.G.A.). - Three Nieuport-Delage aircraft are exhibited this year.
   One of the most remarkable aircraft in the show is the Nieuport-Delage 590, which is of the class now described as "Colonial." It is a three-engined all-metal monoplane with 300 Lorraine engines. The fuselage "begins life" in front as an ordinary rectangular box, but a short distance behind the undercarriage the lower longerons are brought together fairly abruptly, while the upper longerons converge in the usual gradual manner. The result is that gradually a triangle is formed, and as the sides of the triangle (which is, of course, standing on its apex) are curved inwards, it will be seen that an exceptionally fine gun tunnel of large size is formed down each side towards the tail. For firing in that direction, or downwards, the open space which is left where the aft windows of a cabin would normally be gives the crew free movement and yet keeps them out of the slipstreams. We were assured that one can, in fact, lean out a considerable distance without losing the protection of the cabin part of the fuselage.
AIR-COOLED PASSENGERS: The Nieuport-Delage 590 "Colonial" monoplane has an open "balcony" which gives the machine gunners a free field and at the same time protects them from the slipstream.
THE "RUBBERNECK" OF THE FUTURE? This "interior" view (looking towards the tail) of the Nieuport-Delage 590 Col. 3, General Purpose Colonial monoplane, in which the aft portion of the cabin is left open, suggests a possible use for this form of arrangement for aerial sight-seeing chars-a-banc. The all-round view thus obtained would be excellent.