Caproni Sauro-1
Страна: Италия
Год: 1933

Единственный экземпляр
Flight, August 1933

Flight, August 1933


   THE Caproni Aeroplane Works have just tested a new light aeroplane, which has been designed chiefly with a view to obtain the highest aerodynamic efficiency and the greatest safety.
   The "Sauro" is of mixed construction, of wood and welded tubes of chrome-steel, covered with plywood and fabric. The wing is of the low, full cantilever type, of thick section, tapering towards the tips. The internal structure is assisted by the plywood covering to carry the stresses.
   The aeroplane is fitted with a Camber gear, which controls at the same time the position of ailerons and the incidence of the tail plane. Of course, usual controls, totally independent of the Camber gear, are fitted and employed for the usual manoeuvres.
   The fuselage, of ovoidal section, of well-streamlined shape, is made of chrome-steel welded tubes, covered with plywood and fabric.
   The engine, a "Farina T.58" 130 h.p., is fitted in front, on a metal mounting with rubber connections; the propeller is of duralumin, two-bladed, with adjustable pitch. Aft of the engine there is a fireproof bulkhead, and then the seat of the passenger and the seat of the pilot, both comfortable and well arranged. A "Salvator" parachute is fitted to the back of each seat, acting as a back cushion. Controls, with lever and pedals, are dual, and the front controls can be disconnected in flight.
   The tail unit is of steel, covered with aluminium and fabric; the tail plane is connected, as explained above, with the control of the ailerons, and shifts with them. The tail skid, with rubber springing, is fitted with a steel shoe.
   The undercarriage has an extremely wide wheel-track, giving the aeroplane increased safety for landing and ease of manoeuvre for taxying. The wheels, fitted with oleo-rubber shock-absorbers and mechanical brakes, are entirely covered with a streamlined fairing, and the entire group, closely fitted to the wing, offers but small resistance.

   Span 11-40 m.
   Length 5-595 m.
   Height 2-200 m.
   Weight empty 480 kg.
   Load 260 kg.
   Total weight 842 kg.
   Maximum speed 225 km./h.
   Range 6 hours
   Ceiling 5,000 m.