Caudron C.280 / Phalene
Caudron - C.280 / Phalene - 1932 - Франция
Страна: Франция
Год: 1932

ON "SHELL" SERVICE: The latest addition to the "Shell" fleet of aircraft, a Caudron "Phalene" monoplane ("Gipsy Major"), which will be used for the Shell organisation in France.
A FRENCH ENTRY: M. Alberge's Caudron "Phalene" ("Gipsy Major") after its arrival at Altnaza.
A TAKE-OFF TEST: M. Bedel in his Caudron "Super-Phalene" (Bengali).
UP AND OVER: M. Leon Challe making a quick take-off in the tests. He finished second in the Circuit of the Oases, having carried four persons in his Caudron "Phalene."
PRIDE OF POSSESSION: Mr. Granger shows his friends how he travels to Almaza Aerodrome, Cairo, on the day of the Speed Race, a race in which he did not take part, as his 1906 Renault is reliable but hardly fast!
"Hanging" control column of the Caudron "Phalene"; the cranked column operates the hydraulic brakes.