Pickering-Pearson KP.2
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1933

Единственный экземпляр
The Pickering-Pearson KP.2, G-ACMR, was a single-seat experimental pusher. It had no rudder, and directional and lateral control was achieved with the use of Pearson rotary ailerons, similar to those fitted to the Henderson-Glenny H.S.F.11 Gadfly II. Power was provided by one 40 h.p. Aeronca E.117 engine mounted on a tubular pylon behind the pilot. Construction was completed in October 1933, but the aircraft was scrapped two years later.
"ROTARY AILERONS": This machine, the Pickering-Pearson, is intended to obtain its directional as well as lateral control by the Pearson ailerons. These, it may be remembered, were also fitted on the Glenny & Henderson "Gadfly" some years ago. We obtained these photographs some time ago but, in accordance with the request ot the makers of the machine, refrained from publishing them. As photographs have been published elsewhere in the meantime, we feel at liberty to show our readers what the machine looks like. We might point out that at least a fin is to be added, if not an orthodox rudder.