Ramor KE.14
Страна: Австрия
Год: 1933

Единственный экземпляр
Flight, November 1933

Flight, November 1933

The Ramor K.E. 14

  THE Ramor Aircraft Factory of St. Peter, near Gras (Austria), has built a four-seater travel aircraft, type K.E. 14, which was designed by the German engineer Kalkert, of Weimar. This aeroplane is a cantilever low-wing monoplane of good flying qualities.
  Wing: The wing is of the two-spar type. The centre portion forms an integral part of the fuselage. The two extension planes are attached to the centre section by means of four bolts on each side. The wing is of wooden structure and covered with plywood so as to make it stiff in torsion. Only the ends of the elliptic wing have fabric covering. The two extension wing portions can be hung lengthwise on the fuselage for road transport and garaging.
  Fuselage: The fuselage, of rectangular cross-section, is also of wooden structure with plywood covering. It has a four-seater cabin with six small windows on each side.
  Empennage: Of wooden structure with plywood covering; the rudder and elevator are covered with fabric. The fin and tailplane, of cantilever type, are easily detachable. The incidence of the tail can be adjusted on the ground. The control surfaces are operated by means of torsion rods and cables.
  Undercarriage: The landing gear, of bent-axle type, has a track of 1.9 m. The two wheels are suspended by rubber cables.
  Power Plant: The aircraft is equipped with an air-cooled four-cylinder 100-h.p. "Gipsy I" engine, arranged on a steel-tube framework which is attached to the fuselage by means of four bolts.
  The 60-litres fuel tank is mounted in the fuselage behind a fireproof bulkhead. A 35-litres fuel tank is located in the wing centre-section.
  Dimensions and Performance: Span, 11.14 m. (36 ft. 7 in.); length overall, 7.5 m. (24 ft. 7 in.); height overall, 2.3 m. (7 ft. 6 in.); wing area, 17 sq. m. (183 sq. ft.); weight empty, 450 kg. (990 lb.); useful load, 330 kg. (726 lb.); total weight, 780 kg. (1,716 lb.); wing loading, 45.88 kg./sq. m. (9.4 lb./sq. ft.); loading, 7.8 kg.-h.p. (17.2 lb./h.p.); maximum speed, 162 km./hr. (100 m.p.h.); cruising speed, 140 km./hr. (87 m.p.h.); landing speed, 72 km./hr. (45 m.p.h.); normal range, 700 km. (435 miles).
25 H.P. PER OCCUPANT: This Austrian Ramor K.E.14 carries four people on a de Havilland "Gipsy I" engine.