Dornier Do.10 (Do.C4)
Страна: Германия
Год: 1931

Flight, May 1934

Flight, May 1934

An interesting Swiss monoplane two-seater fighter

  ALTHOUGH at present the biplane seems to be the most popular type for use as a two-seater fighter, two or three monoplanes in this class have lately appeared. We have already described the Junkers K.47, which, fitted with the latest types of radial engines, has shown quite an astounding performance. The Do.C.4 described hereafter has a top speed of about 200 m.p.h. and an excellent rate of climb.
  The machine is a high-wing semi-cantilever monoplane, the plan form of the wings being somewhat unusual, as may be seen from the accompanying photograph. Inboard of the attachments of the lift struts, the wings taper in thickness, improving the pilot's field of view. Three duralumin spars are used in the construction of the wing. One of these may be shot away without making the load factors inadequate for normal flying. Frise ailerons are fitted.
  Steel tubular construction is used for the fuselage, which is faired to an oval section. The empennage is of a conventional type except for the fact that the tail plane passes through the fin. The undercarriage is a well faired divided type.
  The pilot's cockpit is beneath the cut-out in the centre section of the wing. He is armed with two machine guns mounted in the cowling. Immediately behind is the well-sheltered observer's cockpit, with a mounting for twin guns.
  Any of a variety of engines may be installed, including the Rolls-Royce "Kestrel" and the Hispano-Suiza 12X type. Both the fuel and the oil tank may be jettisoned during flight.


  Span 49 ft. 2 in. (15 m)
  Length 34 ft. 9 in. (10,6 m)
  Height 11 ft. 2 in. (3,4 m)
  Wing area 344-3 sq. ft. (32 m2)

  Weight empty 3,520 lb. (1 600 kg)
  Disposable load 1,540 lb. (700 kg)
  Weight loaded 5,070 lb. (2 300 kg)
  Wing loading 15 lb./sq.ft. (71,9 kg/m2)
  Power loading 10-1 lb./h.p. (4,6 kg/h.p.)

  Speed at sea level
   173 m.p.h. 169 m.p.h.
   (278 km/hr) (272 km/hr)
  Speed at 11,480 ft. (3 500 m)
   196 m.p.h. 197 m.p.h.
   (315 km/hr) (318 km/hr)
  Climb to 22,960 ft. (7 000 m)
   21 min. 18-5 min.
   29,850 ft. 31,160 ft.
   (7 000 m) (9 500 m)
   500 miles 500 miles
   (800 km) (800 km)
A MONOPLANE FIGHTER: The Dornier Do.C.4, which may be equipped with the Rolls-Royce "Kestrel" or Hispano-Suiza 12X engines.
This view of the Dornier Do.C.4 monoplane shows the tapered wings.