Auster A.2/45 / Model M
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1946

Единственный экземпляр
Carrying 'P-for-prototype' markings and camouflage, the second Auster A2/45 VL523 in its final guise.
Unmarked other than its serial, the first Auster A2/45, VL522, photographed at Rearsby on April 15, 1948. The aircraft made its first flight on April 27.
VL522 at the 1948 SBAC Show at Farnborough in September with the Auster Avis in the background.
The same aircraft repainted in Army camouflage at Middle Wallop in the early Fifties.
The second Auster A2/45, photographed on August 17, 1949. This aircraft was powered by a 240 h.p. D. H. Gipsy Queen 34 six-cylinder in-line inverted air-cooled engine which could be quickly detached complete with oil tank, filters etc. The observer faced aft and entered the aircraft by raising the blister over the rear cockpit and mounting from the starboard side.
The same aircraft after the addition of RAF roundels and rudder stripes. Though smaller than the Storch the similarity is evident.
VL522 showing the port wing-mounted pitot tube.
The largest aircraft ever built by Auster, the A.2/45, being demonstrated by Snarey.
The Auster N, VL522, built for evaluation to the Air Ministry Specification A.2/45.
AUSTER A2/45. This cutaway was the work of the late John Palmer, who was an artist with Flight for many years. It was never published in that magazine, and was rediscovered when the accompanying article was in preparation. We now publish it for the first time, 35 years after it was drawn.

Auster A2/45