Bowlus Senior Albatross
Страна: США
Год: 1933

HIGH EFFICIENCY. Mr. Warren Eaton's Bowlus du Pont sailplane. With wing flaps and a single landing wheel, this machine can be landed in very small fields at 21 m.p.h. It has a span of 62 ft., an aspect ratio of 18.8 to 1, a gliding angle of 30 to 1 at 34 m.p.h. and a sinking speed of 1.6 ft./sec.
SUPER SAILPLANE: Hawley Bowlus, who taught the Lindberghs to glide, is building an all-metal sailplane weighing 350 lb. which he has designed to soar, non-stop, from San Francisco to Los Angeles. He hopes it will cover the 450 miles in about ten hours. The span will be over 62 feet and landing flares and navigation lights will be fitted. Mr. Bowlus himself will act as navigator while another man flies the machine.