Fauvel AV.10
Страна: Франция
Год: 1935

Единственный экземпляр
SANS QUEUE. The latest French contribution to the "flying flatfish" cult, M. Fauvel's machine has a 75 h.p. Pobjoy engine, giving a top speed of 115 m.p.h.
With a little single-seat monoplane designed and built by himself, M. Tonya recently broke the world's altitude record for single seaters of less than 2 litres engine capacity. He reached a height of 16,240 ft with a 40 h.p. Train 4.T. engine. After taking this record M. Tonya at once took off with a co-pilot, M. Saboureault, on a two-seater machine, L’Aile Volante A.V.10 (shown), and reached a height of 22,965 ft. - a record for the class with a cylinder capacity of under 4 litres. The engine was a specially prepared 75 h.p. Pobjoy.