Broughton-Blayney Brawny
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1936

The prototype Brawney in original form, with price tag on the nose.
Plainly ticketed! Messrs. Blayney, Broughton and Wilson with the new Broughton-Blayney monoplane (30 h.p. Carden).
The prototype Brawney with Jennie Broad, giving some idea of scale.
Inexpensive simplicity: the Brawny monoplane in flight.
The Broughton Blayney Brawny light monoplane, which is now on a 3,000-mile tour of the British Isles.
The second Brawney, G-AERF, crashed in Bromley Hill Cemetery, Kent, on June 6, 1937.