Boeing Boeing 737 MAX
Boeing - Boeing 737 MAX - 2016 - США
Страна: США
Год: 2016


Кабина (12)
It takes between four and six hours to update the MCAS software
Пилотская кабина самолетов поколения 737MAX
The four large multifunction displays give the 737 MAX a very different look from the 737NG's flight deck, but only one panel has been moved. There are no changes to the checklists or flow patterns that pilots use.
The 737 MAX's cockpit will include data collection systems designed to speed up maintenance.
Collins Aerospace is exploring avionics technology developments that align with its strategic initiatives
BAA Training’s new 737 MAX simulator
The family-like atmosphere within Flyr translates into happy, friendly customer-facing crew, according to CEO Wikstrom Frislid
Tonje Wikstrom Frislid with crew. Everyone who works at Flyr is directly employed by the company, with Norwegian pay and working conditions
American’s Boeing 737 MAX 8s are fitted out in a two-class, 172-seat layout
Салон бизнес-класса самолетов поколения 737MAX
Салон экономического самолетов поколения 737MAX
Boeing's Sky interior programmed lighting lasts ten times longer than the previously used incandescent bulbs
In its 737 MAX fleet Thomson plans to introduce what it describes as social seating. This includes a Family Booth concept with space for four to six people sitting around a table at the back of the aircraft.