Commonwealth (CAC) CA-31 / XP63 / XP73 / XP74
Страна: Австралия
Год: 1967

P271/XP63 turbojet trainer model with frames, stringers, spares etc drawn on
Head-on view of the CA-31 mock-up, illustrating the forward fuselage stroke and the delta wing
The variable geometry AA-107 with wings at full sweep.
Model of the Universal Lightweight Trainer.
Three-view with cross-sections of the P271/XP63.
Top, XP74 four-seater with wingtip fuel tanks, showing fuselage split for engine access. Three-view, XP73 jet trainer with additional fuselage tankage (shaded) with position of XP74 wingtip tanks shown.
CAC Lightweight jet trainer. Probably outline of inlet ducts after further refinement is marked.