KEA Chelidon
Страна: Греция
Год: 1927

Единственный экземпляр
The next step for the KEA was to produce an entirely indigenous Greek aeroplane. Named the Chelidon (Swallow), it was a small spruce-and-plywood fabric-covered open-cockpit two-seat biplane trainer and survey aeroplane of 26ft 3in (8m) span, powered by a nine-cylinder 130 h.p. Salmson air-cooled radial engine.
All of the design and construction of the Chelidon was undertaken by the Greeks, under the supervision of Maj F.C. Buck and Mr Charles Herbert Lowe-Wylde. Only eight weeks after drawings were started, the aircraft was ready to fly. Taxying trials began on February 5, 1927, “straights” followed on the 9th and a circuit was flown on the 20th. During the ensuing three months of testing, it proved disappointing and it is believed that it was scrapped in 1938. A Greek navy order of late 1926 for 18 Chelidons was cancelled.