Boeing/Saab T-7 Red Hawk
Страна: США
Год: 2016

13 сентября 2016г. корпорация Boeing на предприятии в Сент-Луисе (шт. Миссури) провела официальную презентацию нового учебно-тренировочного самолета (УТС), который она намерена предложить на конкурс ВВС США по программе T-X, предусматривающей замену реактивных УТС Northrop T-38. Самолет был разработан в партнерстве со шведской компанией Saab AB. В тендере по программе T-X участвуют также консорциумы Northrop Grumman в партнерстве с корпорациями BAE Systems, L-3 Communications и Scaled Composites (с новым УТС Northrop Grumman Model 400), Raytheon и Leonardo-Finmeccanica (с T-100 на основе итальянского M-346), Lockheed Martin и KAI (c T-50A)
Unveiled in the livery used by Air Education and Training Command's T-38C Talon fleet, Boeing-Saab's T-X looks like a hybrid design with components that resemble those from the legacy F/A-18 Hornet; air inlet, tails and stabilisers, and some features from Saab’s design house. The aircraft appears to be quite big and at least a couple of steps away from current trainer designs.
Boeing and Saab completed the design to first flight process in 36 months, a remarkably fast turnaround in today’s aerospace sector
Boeing's first BTX-1 takes off from the runway at St Louis-Lambert Field in full afterburner. The GE F404-GE-402 engine has a thrust class rating of 17,700 to 18,100lb.
Опытный учебно-тренировочный самолет Boeing T-X (BTX1), созданный компанией «Боинг» в партнерстве с Saab AB
First flight of Boeing’s T-X competitor took place on December 20, 2016, three years after Boeing and Saab signed their teaming agreement and one year after the design was certified.
BTX-1 N381TX (c/n 00001) with the landing gear extended. Boeing has not specified the landing gear used by the BTX-1 model; visually it resembles the system used by the F-16 Fighting Falcon.
BTX-1 N381TX on an early test flight from St Louis-Lambert Field.
Winner of the US Air Force T-X programme is the Boeing model BTX-1.
The Boeing-Saab T-7A Red Hawk was selected to be the US Air Force's next jet training aircraft in 2018 after an extensive competition
УТС Боинг-СААБ eT-7A «Рэд Хок» - первый самолет так называемой е-серии
27 сентября 2018г. было объявлено, что конкурс на новый УТС для ВВС США выиграла компания Boeing, которая представила самолет T-X, созданный в сотрудничестве со шведским концерном Saab. Контракт предусматривает поставку 351 самолета, 46 тренажеров и необходимого наземного оборудования на общую сумму 9,2 млрд. USD. Новые машины на 90% будут изготовлены в США, что потребует более 17 000 рабочих мест в 34-х штатах.
More than 350 will be acquired by the USAF although this figure could rise in the future
Both BTX-1 aircraft flew together for the first time on April, 27, 2017.
The 846th Test Squadron qualifies the ACES 5 ejection system for Air Force’s Boeing T-7A Red Hawk using a mannequin on the Holloman High Speed Test Track (HHSTT) at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico, in June 2021. The HHSTT is a rocket sled track that can test models of varying sizes up to full-scale at speeds of up to Mach 8. The first flight-ready T-7A should be delivered in 2023
The first T-7A aircraft is being spliced together by Boeing and will serve as a ground-based test platform
The front fuselage of the first Boeing-Saab T-7A Red Hawk was joined with its aft section in less than 30 minutes, witness to the benefits of model-based engineering and 3D design
The production of the T-7A aft section is currently being performed by Saab at its Linkoping site in Sweden but will shift to the company’s new US-based facility
Boeing says the T-7A Red Hawk is among the US Air Force’s first aircraft to be designed, built and tested along a digital thread