Fiedler, Georg glider
Страна: Германия
Единственный экземпляр
HERR GEORG FIEDLER of Alexanderdorf Kreis Teltow in Brandenburg, Germany, was born in 1899, and in 1942-43 was working for the Bucker Flugzeugbau GmbH at Rangsdorf, near Berlin. That is just about all I know about him, apart from the fact that, in his earlier years, he had evidently developed an enthusiasm for flying and, lacking the means to buy an aeroplane, decided to design and build one for himself. The rather singular biplane glider that resulted from his endeavours is seen in the photograph below, with its proud creator in situ.
   A study of the contraption shows that the ends of all of the wire bracing are simply taken through a loop and then twisted; there appear to be turnbuckles midway along the wires to allow them to be tensioned. Apart from the central section strutwork, incorporating a tall overhead pylon, there is no rigid bracing for the double-surfaced wings. The tips of the shorter-span lower wing appear to have small triangular flexible tips to provide lateral control, and an elevator is carried on a short boom structure extending aft. There is no rudder. Unfortunately it is not possible to determine how Herr Fiedler’s control system was operated. The intrepid would-be aviator has made a token gesture at streamlining by fitting a fabric-covered “prow” ahead of his body.
   The machine is more or less a hang glider, and Fiedler evidently hoped to gain sufficient momentum for short glides by the use of the rather makeshift and rickety inclined launch ramp. To this end the glider is mounted on a wheeled carriage from which it would (hopefully) rise when sufficient speed was attained.