Denney Kitfox
Страна: США
Год: 1984

Reg Maye's recently completed Denney Kitfox Mk.4 G-BUYK was engaged in test flying at Biggin Hill at the end of November 1994. Its construction took 600 man hours over two years
Border Aviation now complements the other Denney Aerocraft UK distributor, Junipa, and displayed the first of the new Kitfox 4s to be seen in Britain. It has a redesigned wing, wheel parts, and a cruise speed of 115mph - 30mph faster than earlier Kitfox kitplanes.
Flown from Blackbushe there was speculation that G-PPPP had become a KitVixen!
Skystar Speedster version of the Kitfox
The first Skyfox VH-LHD arrived at Biggin Hill by road in November 1991 after being shipped from Queensland, Australia to Felixstowe. Basically a Kitfox, the airframe has had 50 modifications to strengthen the aircraft and make it suitable for use as a two seat trainer. Thirty-five of the factory built Skyfoxes are now flying in Australia where the type has received certification. Skyfox Aviation, based at Biggin Hill, is to use VH-LRB as a demonstrator. Don Conway's picture shows the aircraft with its quick release doors removed.
The Vixen from Skystar company which has now spawned tailwheel variants incorporating elements of the tricycle design.