BAE Systems, Prismatic PHASA-35
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 2020

The PHASA-35 on its initial flight from Woomera located in South Australia.
Phasa 35 is a most unusual type of air vehicle as seen in this shot of the first prototype in a hangar somewhere in the UK, probably Arton, Lancashire. Its wings and fuselage are supported by steel stands and the undercarriage, which for weight saving purposes releases after take-off.
Phase 8, a quarter scale model of Phasa 35, completed its maiden flight in 2017.
An artist's impression of a Phasa 35 aloft showing the air vehicle's configuration which is most noticeable for its 35m wingspan.
The PHASA-35 jointly developed by BAE Systems and Prismatic is due to fly in 2019.
The Phasa 35 design team plans to provide 4GW to power the 150kg prototype when the air vehicle makes its maiden flight in February 2020. A feat of engineering indeed.
This top down artist s impression shows solar panels atop the gargantuan wing. Each panel is produced by American company MicroLink, is wafer thin, and helps to generate up to 12GW of power to keep Phasa 35 aloft and run its on board sensors.