Air International 2018-04
M.Broadbent - Big freighter /Commercial/
UPS Airlines has ordered 14 more 747-8 Freighters, which will take its 747-8 F fleet to 28 by 2022.
The same ground handling and cargo loading equipment is used for the 747-8F as the 747-400F.
The 747-8F is used by UPS Airlines on its key trunk routes from its Worldport base in Louisville to Asia and the Middle East.
General Electric GEnx-2B engines and a new wing are key differences between the 747-8 and its 747-400 predecessor.
The 747-8F has 46 cargo positions on its main and lower decks, with 30,288ft3 (857m3) total cargo volume. An internal power drive system is used to power the rollers that move payloads into position.
This ex-KLM Boeing 747-400 was among the first aircraft to be dismantled at Twente Airport.