Air International 2017-09
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More than 800 777-300ERs have now been ordered. This one, Saudi Arabian Airlines 777-3FG/ER HZ-AK40 (c/n 61598), is pictured taxiing at Paris CDG in April 2017.
The 2015 Performance Improvement Package includes a divergent trailing edge, which increases the camber (or the asymmetry between a wing’s top and bottom surfaces) to maximise airflow over the wing.
Qatar Airways was the launch customer for the 2015 Performance Improvement Pack­age, which will be applied to all its 777-300ERs. Here 777-3DZ/ER A7-BAE (c/n 36104), wearing the special FC Barcelona livery, departs London Heathrow.
The introduction of more modern aircraft, such as this Sukhoi SSJ-100-95B Superjet RA-89058 (c/n 95098), and the retirements of Soviet-era aircraft has enabled Aeroflot Russian Airlines to reduce its average fleet age to around 4.2 years. More SSJ-100s, Irkut MC-21s, Airbus A350-900s and more Boeing 777-300ERs are all due to enter service in the coming years
A mostly Western fleet is one reason why Aeroflot Russian Airlines has been able to improve its reputation. Airbus A330-343 VQ-BMY (msn 1301), pictured approaching London Heathrow, is one of 22 A330s in service with the carrier.
13 декабря 2017г. журнал Flight International сообщил, что французская компания Dassault Aviation объявила о прекращении работы над бизнес-джетом Falcon 5Х. Такое решение было принято из-за разрыва контракта на поставку двигателей Silvercrest производства Safran Aircraft Engines, вызванного непрекращающимися проблемами с этой силовой установкой.
Visible in this view of the Falcon 5X are the flaperons, in the middle part of the wing trailing edge, which combine the lift/drag-producing effects of flaps and the roll control authority of ailerons.
Dassault's latest Falcon business jet, the 5X, during its maiden flight on July 5, 2017.
The Falcon 5X’s development has been delayed by development issues with the Snecma Silvercrest engines powering the aircraft.
A third-generation version of Dassault’s EASy flight deck, which uses Honeywell's Primus Epic avionics, is designed to be highly interactive and intuitive to maximise pilots’ situational awareness.
Dassault test pilots Philippe Deleume and Philippe Rebourg flew Falcon 5X F-WFVX on maiden initial flight.
The P2012 Traveller’s first flight was on July 21,2016. By July, this prototype, l-PTFC, had logged more than 150 flight hours, with a second prototype due to fly later this year.
The P2012 Traveller can accomodate up to nine passengers; its two Lycoming TEO-540-C1A engines are controlled electronically and represents the most advanced Lycoming technology.
Executives from Tecnam and the P2012 Traveller’s first customer Cape Air, which has ordered 100 examples.
Garmin NXI avionics, the new generation of the Garmin G1000, feature in the cockpit.