Air International 2017-03
N.Pittaway - E2 /Commercial/
By early November 2016 the three flight test aircraft had completed about 20% of the E190-E2 certification process; approximately 21,000 hours of testing using specialised static test rigs had also been completed.
The E190-E2 is scheduled to enter ser­vice in 2018, followed by the E195-E2 in 2019 and the E175-E2 in 2021.
The first prototype E2, PT-ZEY(c/n 20001), pictured during its May 23, 2016 first flight.
Two of the three E190-E2s involved in the flight test campaign: these aircraft will be joined by a fourth prototype in early 2017.
The 23,000lb (102kN) thrust PW1900G powers the E190-E2; the same engine will also power the E195-E2 while the 17,000lb (75kN) thrust PW1700G will be fitted to the E175-E2
The E190-E2 is optimised for 97 to 114 seats, the E195-E2 for 120 to 146 seats and the E175-E2 for 80 to 90 seats.
Compared to the earlier E-Jet the overhead stow­age bins have been enlarged and can accept the standard roll-on cabin bag, stowed wheels first.