Air International 2016-10
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Malaysia Airlines says it will only operate its six A380s for another two years. Here 9M-MNE (msn 94) is pictured at Paris CDG, of the destinations the carrier has axed - London Heathrow is now its only European destination.
A340-500 9H-TQM (msn 117) taking off from Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport. Aerospace company Swiss Space Systems, S3, has contracted Hi Fly to operate ZeroG flights in 2016 and 2017. This commercial operation of ZeroG flights under the status of an airline company is a world premiere.
Line maintenance underway of the RAM turbine impeller.
A340-642 msn 383 is now operated as EP-MMG by Mahan Air.
Hi Fly is trying to specialise so that the Maltese Air Operator Certificate (AOC) is used for the A340 and the Portugese AOC on the A330.
MESA engineers work on a CFM56 engine fitted to an A340.
One of Hi Fly’s A340-300s taxis to a ramp at Lajes Field in the Azores
Risk management, airworthiness, and maintenance activities are a major part of Hi Fly’s daily operations.
A330-323X 9M-MTC (msn 1229) touching down at Sydney Kingsford-Smith Airport. The carrier has 15 A330s; it has six A350-900s on order.
A330-300 CS-TMT (msn 96) in the colours of Saudi low-cost carrier Flynas landing at Manchester. CS-TMT was leased from Hi Fly between May and November 2014.
Hi Fly is trying to specialise so that the Maltese Air Operator Certificate (AOC) is used for the A340 and the Portugese AOC on the A330.
Following its service with Flynas during the summer of 2014, A330-300 CS-TMT (msn 96) was subsequently wet leased to Saudi Arabian Airlines in late 2014 and served with the carrier for much of 2015. The aircraft is seen at Tel-Aviv International Airport in May 2015.
The Gulfstream G650ER set two new world records during a round-the-world flight from New York to Savannagh, via Beijing.
The contours of the wing and winglets of the G650ER are clearly shown in this head-on shot. The aircraft has a high cruise speed of Mach 0.90.
Gulfstream's G650ER measures 99ft 9in nose to tail and 99ft 7in from wingtip to wingtip.
This near plan view shot shows the 36° sweep of the G650ER’s wing and the smooth sweep of the winglets.
The cabin on board this G650ER features leather reclining seats throughout and a sofa fitted on the forward left-hand side.
The G650ER's flight deck is set out in a straightforward but ergonomic way.
A screen grab of display showing the view of the approach lights seen through a cloud deck as presented to the pilot by the EVS II.
Six of the airline’s 56 Boeing 737-800s on stand at its Kuala Lumpur hub.
Malaysia Airlines' recent order for 25 Boeing 737 MAXs symbolises the changing focus of the carrier towards its home region.