Air International 2016-09
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Nigerian carrier Arik Air is one Hi Fly customer that wet leased A340-500 CS-TFW (msn 910). The aircraft is seen at Johannesburg International Airport, South Africa in the summer of 2009.
Engineers working for MESA hook-up power lines and un-hook the tow bar of A340-600 9H-SEA (msn 383).
Hi Fly’s A330-300 CS-TRI (msn 127) is currently operating with XL Airways and is seen landing at Paris Charles de Gaulle in June 2016.
Hi Fly has a contract with Belgian Ministry of Defence for the wet lease of A321-200 CS-TRJ (msn 1004). The A321 is the only single aisle aircraft in the Hi Fly fleet.
The 737 MAX cockpit looks very similar to the 737NG, but new features include four 15.1 in LCD multifunction screens and new data collection and storage capabilities.
A focus for the investigations into the 737 MAX accidents is the aircraft's Manoeuvring Characteristics Augmentation System, a flight control law designed to enhance pitch stability.
Airplane 4 is carrying out what Boeing calls “right at first flight" test work, which involves turning the aircraft as a line operator would in normal daily operations.
The larger fan size of the MAX 8’s CFM LEAP-1B engines relative to the CFM56-7BS on the 737NG is evident in this photo. The LEAP-1 B’s fan diameter is 69.4in (1,760mm).
N8702L is used for performance testing. It is pictured departing El Alto International Airport in La Paz during the aircraft’s deployment there for high-altitude take-off tests.
The Advanced Technology Winglet is set to provide a 1.8% reduction in fuel burn compared to the Blended Winglets that feature on the 737NG.