Air International 2016-04
S.Dworkin - Fighter School /Military/
F-16C 90-0759/LF fires a 2.75in Mk66 rocket over the Goldwater range.
F-16s simultaneously jettison flares as they break away from the lead ship
An airman from the 944th Fighter Wing salutes the pilot after completing a hot breaks check of the aircraft.
Colonel Gallegos, Commander of the 944th Fighter Wing prepares to launch for an afternoon sortie.
F-16D 89-2158/LF banks over the Arizona desert en route to the range
F-16D 89-2158/LF in full afterburner launching from Luke’s runway 21R.
View from the backseat, as the aircraft rolls onto a target for a strafe attack using its six-barrel 20mm M61A1 Vulcan cannon.