Air International 2015-11
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Two S-3B Viking aircraft assigned to Sea Control Squadron Two One (VS-21) ‘Red Tails’ near the island of Okinawa during a training exercise flown from the USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) in 2004. The Republic of Korea is interested in procuring former US Navy aircraft as a mid-size MPA.
A Puma is on alert sor SAR missions in Southwest France along the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean 24/7.
The 11 SA330 Pumas have been on strength since 1974, but have undergone upgrades to SA330Ba standard with special SAR equipment.
Pilots qualify for mountain flights and night SAR after 380 flying hours, after which the option of becoming a CSAR specialist can be chosen.
Saab offers former civilian-owned 340 airframes, upgraded with sensors, mission systems and communications suites, as a maritime surveillance aircraft.
Three Q300s were modified as MPAs by Canada’s Provincial Aerospace for the Swedish Coast Guard.
Береговая охрана США закупила 36 CN-235-300 в варианте HC-144A Ocean Sentry.
The US Coast Guard operates 18 CN235 maritime patrol aircraft referred to under the US military designation system as the HC-144A Ocean Sentry.
Maritime patrol versions of the CN235 and C295 are both equipped with Fully Integrated Tactical System workstations.
Boeing’s Maritime Surveillance Aircraft prototype is Challenger CL600 N614BA (s/n 5614).
Two Italian Air Force C-27Js on the flight line at Herat Air Base in Afghanistan.
An Italian Air Force EC-27J JEDI aircraft on the flight line at Herat in Afghanistan.
The International Training Centre at Pisa Air Base is equipped with a C-27J Spartan full mission simulator.
The Caracal's autopilot has an automatic hover mode and the flight engineer can take control of the aircraft above a landing area.
An Italian Air Force KC-130J conducts air refueling with two French Air Force EC725 Caracal helicopters.
Introduced in 2006, the Caracal can carry 11 tonnes and offers a 250 nautical mile range.
The annual Combined Joint Personnel Recovery Standardisation Course trains participating nations in conducting multinational personnel recovery missions.
Portuguese Air Force C295 Persuader 16702, one of five in service with Escuadron 502 'Elefantes' based at BA6 Montijo.
The AW159 is the new twin-engine multi-role, multi-mission, maritime aircraft, with advanced day/night all weather operational capability. In production for the UK Royal Navy, on time and on budget.
An Italian Air Force KC-130J conducts air refueling with two French Air Force EC725 Caracal helicopters.
C-130J flies over the city of Herat in Afghanistan
Dust engulfs the fuselage, engines and wings of an Italian Air Force C-130J during landing on an unpaved strip in Afghanistan.
C-130J MM.62185/46-50 turns on to the flight line at Pisa Air Base.
The flight deck of a C-130J
A plane handler directs the pilot of F-35C CF-03 on to catapult one of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower for a test mission flown during DT II.
A computer-generated image of a Turkish Coast Guard ATR 72ASW. The first aircraft is expected to be delivered in 2017.