Air International 2015-07
A.Mladenov - The Foxhound's New Tricks /Military/
There's an active fleet of around 120 MiG-31 s, including 50 upgraded MiG-31BMs.
MiG-31 pilots and weapons system officers wear VMSK immersion/high-altitude protection suits and ZSh-7 helmets.
The R-33 was the MiG-31 's original long-range weapon, with a maximum reach up to 120km (65nm) in head-on engagements against targets at high altitude.
A MiG-31BM from the 98th SAP at Monchegorsk fires an R-73 heat-seeking missile.
This Monchegorsk-based MiG-31BM (serial '03'), was among the first serial-upgraded Foxhounds, delivered in 2009 and operated by the 98th SAP.
The MiG-31 uses two brake parachutes after touchdown; the distance needed for a full stop is 800m (2,624ft).
There is no successor to the MiG-31 Foxhound heavy interceptor in the Russian Air Force policy for acquiring new aircraft.
This Foxhound was among the first four production-standard MiG-31BMs delivered in 2008 to the MiG-31 instructor-research squadron at Savastleika.
The RW-BD, also known as the K-37M during its development and testing phase and now designated the R-37M, is a long-range air-to-air missile purposely developed for the MiG-31BM.
The rear­view periscope on the front canopy is among the features added during the MiG-31BM upgrade.
The Foxhound’s two Aviadvigatel D-30F-6 turbofans are each rated at 152.06kN (34,171 lb) with afterburner.
A four-ship MiG-31 formation from the combat training centre at Savastleika during a flypast over Zhukovskiy in August 2012 for the RuAF’s centenary. The first two are upgraded MiG-31BMs and the other two are legacy aircraft.
A MiG-31DZ from Khotilovo toting an R-60 training round and an operative seeker for practising target lock-on.
This non-upgraded MiG-31 from the Russian Naval Air Service’s sole Foxhound squadron takes off from its home base, Yelizovo.
Аэродром Елизово (Петропавловск-Камчатский), 10-14 апреля 2004г. Истребительный полк готов к полетам.
The 7060th Air Base Yelizovo, on Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia's Far East, is home to Russian Naval Aviation's sole MiG-31-equipped squadron.
All remaining MiG-31DZs are to be upgraded to the BM standard by 2019.