Air International 2015-06
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The second A380 to be delivered to Qatar Air­ways, A7-APB (msn 143), is seen here on climb- out from Heathrow. Steve Flint/AirTeamlmages
Qatar Airways now flies double-daily A380 services to Paris Charles de Gaulle, where the airline’s fourth A380 (A7-APD) is pictured.
Two of Qatar’s current fleet of four A380s - the airline has six more on order.
The stairs in the A380 up to First Class.
The on-board bar and lounge in the Qatar A380s.
Mounted on GE Aviation's flying test-bed, Boeing 747-121 N747GE (c/n 19651), the Passport received 100 hours of flight-testing in 20 flights.
Qatar had 21 Boeing 787-8s in service at the time of publication in May 2015, with A7-BCK (c/n 38339) seen here departing Brussels.
By mid-April 2015 the Passport had accumulated about 1,400 hours and 1,700 cycles of ground testing.
A fan blade-out test and a block endurance test, involving 150 hours of constant running at triple-red-line thrust, temperature and pressure measurements, are two upcoming certification tests for the Passport.
The Global 7000 and 8000 will have fly-by-wire controls and side-stick controllers.
A stateroom with a large bed, a chair and table forms the fourth and aft-most living space on the Global 7000 (the third in the Global 8000).
There will be a low equivalent altitude in the Global 7000 and 8000 cabins to help minimise passenger fatigue.
The Global 8000's cabin length is 45ft 7in and the Global 7000's is 54ft 7in.
The galley in the Global 7000 and 8000 is 20% larger than that in the Global 5000 and 6000.
A superb digitally-enhanced depiction of The Global showing the streamline profile.
The cabin door is large enough to enable even quite large freight to be loaded.
To keep the stalling speed down very large Fowler flaps are fitted, so upper-surface slotted spoilerons augment the ailerons for control around the lateral axis.
The five-blade prop is new and the engine intake has been redesigned from previous TBMs. When viewed from the front the spinner is angled down and to the right.
The large winglets, a new addition for this aircraft, distinguish the TBM 900 from its predecessors.
There is an electronic standby AI above the pilot’s primary flight display.
Qatar Airways flies double-daily A350 services to Frankfurt, and in May started flying the type to Singapore.
Business Class aboard the A350-900 has a 1-2-1 - layout.
Qatar Airways’ pair of Airbus A319s have an all-Business Class seat configuration called Business One and are exclusively used on the Doha-Heathrow route.