Air International 2014-06
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The Ka-32A1 is a specialised firefighting version of the Helix.
Up to 40 litres of water per second are released by the Ka-32A1 during firefighting operations.
Different versions of the Helix are used to undertake specialist roles including aerial crane applications.
Spain's INAER operates a fleet of Ka-32A11BCs for firefighting operations.
Six Ka-32A11BCs are operated by Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations.
The Ka-32A11BC’s cockpit features digital avionics, one of the factors in this variant's certification in the West.
There are 40 flights between Chitose and Tokyo's airports every day, with ANA using 777s.
Amaszonas will expand its international network to include three Brazilian cities.
TAB's C-130A, a Vietnam veteran, is one of the last examples of the variant still flying.
Transportes Aereos Bolivianos' DC-10 operates the Miami route.
TAM uses a CL-66B as a reserve for its turboprops.
Bolivia's national airline now operates 11 Boeing 737s.
One of the two Japan Air Self Defense Force Boeing 747-400s operated by 701 Hikotai based at Chitose used to transport the Japanese Emperor and government officials.
Air Do operates flights from Chitose to airports around Hokkaido and to Honshu.