Air International 2013-12
T.Mesaric - Pride of Pakistan /Military/
Among Asia's indigenous fighter types, Pakistan's JF-17 Thunder is the most advanced. The Pakistan Air Force is currently receiving aircraft configured to Block II standard and Block III is already under development.
A four-ship of JF-17s, each carrying a 1,000lb general purpose bomb.
A No.26 Squadron JF-17 loaded with a single 1,000lb general purpose bomb.
The hump at the JF-17’s inlet opening is designed to slow down the airstream entering the engine and to hide the face of the engine’s compressor blades as well as minimise the aircraft’s radar signature.
JF-17 09-112 fitted with two 1,000 litre underwing fuel tanks and an 800 litre tank on the centreline station.
This JF-17 is painted in the darker two-tone grey colour scheme more recently applied to PAF Thunders.
The PAF displayed the JF-17 Thunder at the airshow at Izmir, Turkey in June 2011.
In 2010, the PAF painted JF-17 Thunder 09-111 in Pakistan’s national colours.
A Klimov RD-93 engine undergoes preparatory work before installation on a JF-17 at the PAC Kamra facility.
This JF-17 is seen next to a hardened revetment, typical of a PAF air base.
JF-17 Thunder, build number SP34, in the final assembly hall at PAC Kamra’s production facility.