Air International 2013-11
I.Harding - Mark Two Merlin /Military/
Royal Navy Merlin Force conversion plans start with 820 and 829 Naval Air Squadron this year followed by 814 NAS next year.
Cornwall's iconic St Michael's Mount in Mount's Bay forms a great backdrop for the world class Merlin Mk2.
The 0.5 calibre M3M machine gun provides a hefty punch for the Mk2's force protection role.
Ground crew oversee pre-flight procedures as two Mk2s prepare for a mission.
More than a decade of design and testing has increased the operational capability of the maritime variant of the Merlin helicopter.
Externally the Merlin Mk2 may look like the original Mk1, but internally the upgraded helicopter is jam-packed with advanced systems for anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare.
New flat panel multi-function displays and touch screen units provide balance between touch and stick control in the Merlin Mk2's glass cockpit.
New primary tactical display monitors and touch screen units are the centrepiece of the Mk2's re-designed tactical consoles.
Open architecture and improved HMI integrated on the Merlin Mk2 is designed to ease the crew transition.