Air International 2013-09
P.Butowski - Unmanned Russia /Technology/
The full-size mock-up of the MiG Skat unmanned strike jet aircraft shown in 2007
Two MiG UCAV projects. Top - the Skat presented in 2007. Below - its development according to the patent registered by MiG and TsAGI in 2010. The UCAV has a wider wing centre section and an inverted-V tail
The Sukhoi Zond-2 is an airborne early warning vehicle with a triangular 360 deg. antenna over the fuselage.
The Sukhoi Zond-1 HALE has a 35m (115 ft) wing and two AI-222 turbofan engines.
Model of the Altius-M shown to new Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu (second from left) during his visit to Kazan in February 2013.
Design of the five-tonne Altius-M reconnaissance vehicle currently under development by OKB Sokol in Kazan.
The three vehicles of Yakovlev Proryv family: reconnaissance Proryv-R in the left, early warning Proryv-RLD on the right and the strike Proryv-U between them.
High-altitude long-endurance Oryol designed in the 1980s by the Yakovlev design bureau.
The final design of the Myasishchev M-62 Oryol is similar to Boeing's Condor all-bonded composite UAV which was flown in a 141-hour flight-test prgramme between 1988 and 1989.
Two radio-transparent fuselages of the Sukhoi S-62 fit side-looking radar antennas.
The Inokhodets is a research and development project intended to result in an unmanned aerial system ready for series production.