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Privatisation of British Airways took place in 1987. A flagship of Thatcher's policy.
Virgin Atlantic operated its inaugural service between Gatwick and Newark-New York with Boeing 747-200 G-VIRG 'Maiden Voyager' on June 22, 1984. A 'slik' competitor for the then nationalised British Airways.
Virgin Atlantic's 'Maiden Voyager' on a stand at London Gatwick in 1986.
American's former livery featuring a red, white and blue stripe on the aircraft's fuselage was developed by Massimo Vignelli.
Boeing 767-200 N252AU (c/n 24765) is one of ten currently in service with US Airways.
The Boeing 767 is a type common to American and US Airways as are the Boeing 737 and 757.
Virgin Atlantic's A320-200 EI-EZV (msn 2001) at Manchester International Airport on April 19, 2013, serving the Little Red route to Heathrow.
Nightshot of Tartan Lassie one of four leased A320s in the Virgin Little Red fleet.
British Midland doubled its business within five years of starting UK trunk routes from Heathrow to Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Airbus A330-200 G-VLUV (msn 1206) is one often of the type in service with Virgin Atlantic Airlines.
A330-200 N283AY (msn 1076) was delivered to US Airways in December 2009. The aircraft is one of 16 in service.
Margaret Thatcher's government allowed British Midland's appeal, against the CAA's decision to reject the carrier's bid to compete against British Airways on UK trunk routes to Heathrow, to go ahead.
One option for operators of the Bell 429 GlobalRanger is rear clamshell doors.
The 429's rotors look like a four-blade rotor, but it is two two-blade yokes stacked on top of each other. Each main rotor blade is connected to a blade grip assembly by two bolts.
The Bell 429's main rotor blades are a hybrid carbon-fibre/epoxy structure and the leading edges are protected by full-length nickel-cobalt electroformed abrasion strips.
Bell 429 C-FTNB on a demonstration flight from Alicante, Spain.
The Bell 429's passenger/cargo compartment occupies the middle section of the cabin and has a volume of 130 ft3. The aft cabin has an additional volume of 74 ft3, giving a total continuous cabin volume of 204 ft3.
Three 8x6 inch Rogerson Krotas colour liquid crystal display multi-function displays dominate the 429's cockpit.
The Bell 429's standard side doors can be replaced with an optional, larger sliding door that provides a 52 inch non-obstructed opening - useful for operations with an external hoist.
A319 N822AW (msn 1410) is painted in the colours of the Nevada state flag as a logo jet. US Airways continued the logo jet policy originally started by American West Airlines after the two carriers merged in 2005.
Boeing 747-400 G-VLIP touches down at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport on the daily service from London-Gatwick.
A Virgin Atlantic refitted 747-400 economy cabin.
Virgin's refitted Upper Class cabin on a 747-400.
The most numerous type within the American Airlines fleet is the Boeing 737-800. American currently has 207 of the type in service.