Air International 2013-02
N.Pittaway - Taming the Grizzly /Military/
Two foldable head-up displays (HUD) provide flight guidance during critical mission phases, such as landing at unequipped airfields.
All five A400M built to date perform a 'Grizzly Walk' at Toulouse.
A400M EC-402 MSN2, the second flight test aircraft was handed over to Airbus Military's flight test department in Seville on March 6, 2010.
Airbus Military uses some fancy covers to tether the A400M's propellers.
A400M EC-402 MSN2 seen at Kiruna in northern Sweden, in early 2011, during cold-soak trials.
Рабочие места летчиков
The A400M's glass cockpit is designed to the Airbus 'dark cockpit' philosophy where no annunciator lights are illuminated during normal operations.