Air International 2018-07
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American Airlines, whose entire widebody aircraft orders backlog is with Boeing, recently ordered 47 more 787s.
Many airlines split their widebody aircraft orders between manufacturers, as Turkish Airlines has done this year by ordering both 787-9s (pictured) and 350-900s.
TAP Portugal will introduce the A330-900neo, CS-TUA (msn 1819), this year. Airbus has sold 214 A330neo family aircraft so far.
The Airbus A350-900 leads the Boeing 787-9 in the 300-350 seats segment of the market, although sales are lower for the 350-400 seat A350-1000.
CL-215-6B11 (CL-415) l-DPCQ (c/n 2021), is operated in Italy by the Dipartimento della Protezione Civile Italiana.
Борьба с пожарами с воздуха - работа опасная. Экипажам приходится маневрировать на предельно малых высотах в условиях плохой видимости из-за высокого задымления. Классическим "пожарным бомбардировщиком" является Bombardier 415. Используя смесь воды и противопожарного реагента Class A, Bombardier 415 способен эффективно бороться с пожарами на больших площадях. Смесь воды и пены не дает огню распространяться на еще не охваченные огнем строения и деревья.
The CL-415 Enhanced Aerial Firefighter will have a 1,550 - 1,600 US gallon tank. The aircraft is intended to lead the way to a potential new firefighter, the CL-515.
An artist's impression of the newly launched CL-415 Enhanced Aerial Firefighter, which will introduce several structural and systems improvements to the 11 aircraft earmarked for conversion.