Air International 2018-12
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Atlantic Airways' scheduled flights provide a vital link to remote communities across the Faroes
Atlantic Airways operates two AW139s from Vagar Airport in the Faroe Islands, the company providing domestic helicopter services, including regular scheduled flights, HEMS, offshore operations and SAR.
Islanders, government and companies hire the AW139s for around 150 hours a year for transport and sling load operations. Here, one of the AW139s prepares to transport fuel barrels to Dimun to power the island.
An Atlantic Airways AW139 departs Bodanes heliport. The company provides scheduled flights to 11 locations across the Faroe Islands three to four times a week.
The AW139 is equipped with 14 passenger seats during scheduled flights instead of nine passengers in the Bell 412 it replaced. The rescue hoist is visible in this photo; Atlantic Airways crews fly about 200 hours for HEMS tasks a year.
The AW139 offers a modern flight deck, which includes a four-axis digital automatic flight control system.
Pilot Captain Reynskor turns the AW139 during a scheduled flight in typical Faroese weather.
The profile and articulation of Bell's Jet Ranger X cab is very different to the original Bell 206 model Jet Ranger.
Note the LED lights in the forward fuselage.
The Bell 505's overall length, tip of rotor to tip of tail, is 42ft 5in (12.95m).
THE BELL Helicopter 505 Jet Ranger X has notched up a number of order and delivery milestones in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Bell 505’s Safran Arrius 2R engine features a dual channel FADEC with automatic backup.
According to Bell's information, the 505's primary flight displays give all major flight parameters in an intuitive, easy to scan layout: attitude, airspeed, horizontal situation indicator, altitude and vertical situation indicator. Primary and inset screens can be user-selected to display a variety of additional functions.
User-selectable multifunction display options in the standard configuration include engine and transmission information, fuel status, and calculated range.