Flight 1938-06
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Dornier Do.24 equipped with Askania-Aircraft-Instruments
Принятие на вооружение британских ВВС монопланов Hawker Hurricane ознаменовало качественный скачок в развитии истребителей. Скорость возросла с 370 км/ч у биплана Gauntlet до 547 км/ч у монопланов Hurricane. Самолет был прост в производстве, что сыграло решающую роль в перевооружении британских ВВС.
The Airspeed Oxford - probably the finest machine of its kind in the world.
Illustrated are the special Cockpit Engine Control as fitted to the Airspeed Oxford Twin R.A.F. Advanced Trainer, and the AV.70-M. Carburetter, as fitted to the Cheetah X engine in the above machine.
A Gloster Gladiator flying over the pink granite Gebel-Mariam monument erected to commemorate the successful defence of the Suez Canal in 1915. Gladiators form part of the strengthened air defence of the important Suez Canal Zone.
Would you dare to send these young men off solo it you harboured the slightest apprehension about the quality of the engine to which their lives are being trusted? Training on a large scale demands scrupulous care in every matter that affects safety. It demands the best engine obtainable. The de Havllland Gipsy engines, of which more than six thousand have gone into service, hold the confidence of pilots and engineers throughout the world. They may be trusted.
ESSEX AERO LTD. were responsible for the preparation and modification made to MR. ALEX HENSHAW'S "MEW GULL" WINNER OF THIS YEAR S KING S CUP AIR RACE at the record average speed of 236.25 m.p.h.
To Paris in 75 minutes