Air International 2019-06
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F/A-18A Hornet A21-38 is painted in a black and silver paint scheme to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Royal Australian Air Force's 75 Squadron based at Tindal in the Northern Territory.
F/A-18A Hornet A21-54 assigned to 77 Squadron with the unit's latest tail markings.
F/A-18A Hornets assigned to 77 Squadron based at Williamtown in New South Wales with the unit's original tail markings.
Norway’s NH90s are currently fulfilling a range of Coastguard duties.
An NH90 operating from Coastguard Nordkapp-class offshore patrol vessel KV Senja (W321) underway in the waters off northern Norway.
Equipped with an automatic tail and main rotor blade folding system, Norway's NH90s can comfortably operate from Nordkapp-class offshore patrol vessels and Nansen-class frigates.
Aircraft 39-8 loaded with two Meteor test vehicles during a captive carriage test flight from Linkoping.
An aft fuselage subassembly in a jig on the production line at Linkoping, one of seven subassemblies manufactured on site.
Aircraft 39-8 releases a drop tank during a stores separation test flight from Vidsel in northern Sweden.
Aircraft 39-8 airborne over some of the hundreds of islands along Sweden's Baltic coast line.
Aircraft 39-8 airborne over some islands along Sweden's Baltic coastline loaded with a IRIS-T captive test vehicle on the port side wing tip pylon.
SAAB JAS-39E «Грипен»
Aircraft 39-8 fitted with RUAG pylons prior to a captive carriage test flight.
The plume of the rocket motor of an IRIS-T instrumented test vehicle burns brightly as the vehicle launches from the port side wing tip pylon of aircraft 39-8.
A production worker views an MBD system screen to visualise a fuselage bulkhead.
Saab’s second Gripen E test aircraft 39-9 takes off from Linkoping airfield on the aircraft's maiden flight.
Standing wave patterns or shock diamonds in the supersonic exhaust plume created by the GE Aviation F414G engine in the engine test cell at Linkoping. Shock diamonds are formed by the complex exhaust flow field and are visible due to the abrupt changes in density and pressure caused by standing shock waves.
A crew chief assigned to Saab's Flight Test Department looks into the cockpit of aircraft 39-8 prior to a test flight from Linkoping.
Ground crew assigned to Saab's Flight Test Department conduct an engine running refuelling of aircraft 39-8 at Linkoping. The aircraft is loaded with two high-speed cameras for captive carriage test flights of the cameras.
Aircraft 39-8 undergoing electrical and hydraulic systems testing at Linkoping before the jet's first flight.
A wing centre fuselage subassembly held vertically in its jig showing the main landing gear wells and outer underwing hard point positions.
A crew chief plugs the fuel hose into the aircraft's refuelling point located in the ground crew bay.
The complete crew of the Persuader on a RAMPAC mission. The seven aircrew are in the middle, the rescue jumpers are kneeling in front of them and they are all flanked by other team members.
The Persuader is one of Colombia's most important tools in the war being carried out against drug traffickers off its Caribbean and Pacific coastlines.
Para-rescuers perform their second training jump as part of their preparation for the RAMPAC mission.
Flying with the ramp open to prepare for a RAMPAC drop.
The CN235-300MP Persuader is the most capable maritime patrol aircraft belonging to Colombian Naval Aviation.
Advanced Hawk ZJ951 on take­off from Warton. Note the test pilot is in the aft cockpit.
Perhaps the baseline model for all recent variants of BAE Systems' trainer is the RAF's Hawk T2.
The Royal Saudi Air Force has operated the Hawk Mk65 since 1987. Its latest batch comprises 44 Hawk Mk165s. Aircraft 2101 is shown during a pre-delivery test flight with the UK serial ZB101.
Indian Air Force Hawk Mk132 A3483 during a demonstration flight. Note the UK roundels and serial number ZK124 applied.
Hawk Mk132s awaiting delivery to the Indian Air Force.
Advanced Hawk ZJ951 is a development aircraft used by BAE Systems to flight test new software, hardware and technology. This shot shows the aircraft fitted with extended wings and large fixed leading edge slats.
Large area display installed in the front cockpit of Advanced Hawk aircraft ZJ951.
BAE Systems' Training and Simulation Integration Facility has this twin cockpit simulator seen here fitted with the first version of a future cockpit.
Cessna 206 ARC 405 is used for training the RAMPAC mission.